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The Düben Collection Swedish Court Music 1640 to 1726

                              The Düben Collection

The Düben collection at Uppsala University contains 2,300 musical manuscripts donated in 1732.
The 4 generations of the Düben family were concertmasters for the Swedish Royal court from 1640
to 1726.   There is a number of dance music suites.   There is one example of a springer dance,  in a set containing a Holland dance.

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Andreas Düben the Elder, became a principal figure in Swedish musical life. He traveled to Stockholm from his hometown Leipzig for the Royal wedding of 1620,
first assuming the position of organist and second concertmaster and later as principal concertmaster in 1640.
Members of the Düben family held this position as concertmaster for four generations until 1726. Anders von Düben donated the “Düben collection” –
a unique compilation of 2,300 musical manuscripts from over all of Europe – to the Uppsala University Library in 1732.
  Here is a rough count of the individual dance melodies,  independent of the 40 or 50 suites.
  Allemand  44 entries
  Branle       11 entries
  Gaÿ (Branle) 9 entries
   Montirande (Branle)  8 entries
  Courante   75 entries
   Galliard    10 entries
   Gavotte     10 entries
   Menuett      3 entries
   Pavane or Pavana  25 entries
   Polonaise    1 entry
   Saraband(a)(e)  32 entries
   Springtanz   1 entry,  Klein Comedien Sachen)   or Springer  1675-1679

Dance de Hollande [in Kleine Comedien Sachen] also known as Holländisch Tanz [in Kleine Comedien Sachen]

  Here is an example of several dance suites in the database.
allemande-courante-sarabande-gigue  1610-1669
1684 opera

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